After 3 weeks on the road and a couple of weeks of semi-recovery (had to work New Year's Day as well as the preceding Sunday) I am finally feeling like cooking again.

I got some pre-formed fresh burger patties late last week. I've broiled chicken breast but not yet hamburger. It works. The first two patties were juicy and decently cooked, but still not up to par for homemade burgers. I still can't figure out what I'm doing different than 3-6 years ago when I regularly made burgers and was happy with them. Maybe my standards are higher these days.

Jen says they do their burgers meatloaf style, so on the last two burgers I put the patty in a mixing bowl with about 1/2 a slice of bread (7-grain), salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, dried onion and some garlic tonight. Then I mushed it all together with my hands, made a patty and broiled. Much better tasting! Nom nom nom. A tad crumbly, but tasty.

Tonight I also got some fresh hot Italian links and broiled a couple of them alongside the burger. They make more smoke than the burger, but I didn't set off the detector. They cooked a little longer than the burger, about 8-10 minutes before I judged them to be done. Only after the fact did I look up cooking instructions on the 'net, and Johnson says they should be cooked 16-20 minutes. I let them cool and cut one open...looks and tastes good to me! I think I had them closer to the broiler than recommended by Johnson.

The burger is enough to fill me up. The sausages were sort of a test, and hey, now I have breakfast ready! Nom nom nom.

Next up: I'm thinking of making some bread. I was going to Sunday but got really lazy, but I've been looking through the bread book I borrowed from Jen and am wanting to make something.