So I finally got all the smoke cleared out, the doors and windows shut and the A/C back on and started on the rest of the beef. I used the homemade seasoning recipe I linked in my last cooking blog, only this time I used chili powder like I was supposed to instead of cayenne. I didn't have much guidance on how much of the mixture to add. I tried 6 tablespoons for 2 pounds of beef. (It turns out the package was over 2 lbs, so I think I had about 2 lbs left.) Too much, but certainly edible. I also want to tweak the recipe a lot. I want more heat, so maybe more red pepper flakes or add some cayenne. It has too much of something, but something of which I'm not good enough to identify yet. Maybe a tad too much cumin, but there's too much of something else...either chili powder or paprika I'm guessing. More garlic and onion wouldn't go amiss. Too much salt, too; I think I'll leave out the salt altogether and just salt the beef when frying. I didn't salt the beef this time because I remembered after I added the salt to the mix that it had already occurred to me to leave the salt out. But the cheese and possibly the refried beans and tortilla add some salt, and overall it's a bit too much.

Yeah, between the chili powder, paprika and Mexican oregano there is too much of something I'm not real fond of, but I haven't used these enough to know which it is. Then again maybe backing off the total mixture and adding the other enhancements I want will tone it down enough.