I've been meaning to try making breakfast potatoes and other breakfast items, but I've been reluctant to try in the morning because I'm not an early riser or fast starter, so it occurred to me that I would have to learn breakfast in the evenings or non-work days and then start making it in the morning.

Cooking took roughly 30 minutes including cutting the potatoes but not including clean-up. The kitchen was relatively clean, and the pans were hanging and ready. Including eating it was about an hour for "breakfast" but leaving dirty pans on the stove.

I put my cast iron skillet on a small burner with my "bacon press" (another skillet with foil on the bottom that fits into the iron skillet) and my big nonstick skillet on the big burner. I only have one big burner and thought the cast iron skillet would deliver heat more evenly over a small burner. Either I didn't preheat long enough or I was wrong.

I cut the potatoes into 1/2" pieces or maybe a bit smaller. This is probably too small. I put more oil than usual into the nonstick skillet wanting to be sure all the potatoes were in oil. This was also a mistake as I splattered oil and had some burner flare-ups while tossing the potatoes, and I was in danger of burning myself with flying oil. I tried turning the potatoes with a wooden spatula, but pan-tossing is so much more efficient.

The bacon went in the cast iron skillet with the makeshift press on top. Only a couple of minutes later did I think to look at the clock. I think I flipped the bacon at about 6-8 minutes and then kept flipping it more frequently and moving it around because it was cooking unevenly. It was getting too brown over the middle portion over the burner but not cooking enough in the parts off the burner. I think next time I'll make the bacon on the big burner and cook the potatoes in one of my stainless skillets with the layered bottoms...they distribute heat very well. Or pehraps I'll rig up another pan-press combo for my bacon with a stainless clad-bottom pan underneath.

I poked a couple of potato bits with a fork when they were browned a bit, and the fork went through easily. I should have taken them off then but wanted a little more brown. I paid for it with mostly overcooked potatoes. Next time go for doneness, not color. I gather bigger pieces would have browned more before cooking all the way through.

I salted and peppered the potatoes in the pan while cooking. I wasn't going to at first, but then I realized with pan frying there's no reason not to, and in fact the oil might meld the flavors a bit while frying. Or maybe not. Anyway, the seasoning was fine.