I haven't been cooking for a while, but finally got some meat this week. My brother-in-law grilled some chicken Saturday, and it was golden brown and tasty. I haven't been getting that brown from my broiling. I decided to try.

The internet tells me the meat should be 5-6 inches away from my heating elements, but I had my rack closer than that. I pulled out a tape measure and moved the shelf so the meat is about 6 inches from the heat element. I salted and peppered, and sprayed oil on both sides of the breasts. I accidentally left the broiling pan in the oven while heating the broiler, so the pan was hot when I put the chicken in. I left it in there until pretty golden, I'm guessing about 15 minutes, maybe a bit less. I flipped it, and the bottom was already looking somewhat brown and cooked, so I felt the breast and it felt done, so I just took it out after broiling on one side only.

It may have been ever so slightly overdone on the brown side, but the browning gave a definite flavor boost, and the lighter side was very moist and tender (and fully cooked).