One of the America's Test Kitchen shows I watched showed salting meat and letting it sit for a while to—as they put it—let the salt draw the water out, dissolve and then get reabsorbed. I also read and/or heard that it's better to let grilled or broiled meat come to room temperature before cooking.

Tonight I thought I'd try that with my skinless, boneless broiled chicken where previously I would take them out of the fridge, rinse them, remove the fatty bits, season them and then broil them immediately. So I got to the seasoning part, applied kosher salt, black pepper and paprika and then let them sit for 10 minutes. Some liquid was starting to pool, and I could still see grains of salt, so I waited another 10 minutes. The salt seemed dissolved, and there was still some juice pooled on the meat, but i was hungry so I put them in to broil.
One of the breasts was much bigger than the other, so I let it cook a little longer, but not much. I won't cut into it until tomorrow, but if it's undercooked I can always cook it a little more. I ate the smaller piece after a couple of minutes of cooling, and it was wonderful. I think I slightly overcooked my last batch or two, but this one had great texture and taste. I don't know how much is attributable to letting the salt dissolve or other factors like perhaps I used more seasoning this time or just cooking it better, but I will try the "salt and sit" a few more times.