For pre-football lunch—I am suddenly far more interested in football this season now that I'll be around to watch it most of the time—I broiled another couple of boneless skinless chicken breasts.

This time I took the baking stone out before heating the broiler, and I got the pepper lighter and more even which was much better.

After the first 6 minutes I thought it wasn't dark enough or noisy enough, so I left it in another minute or so and then turned them. I was concerned about overdoing the flip side since I had done the first side longer than last time, but I had forgotten the chicken was now 3/4 inch farther from the broiler element which wasn't preheated as long, so it was probably taking a bit longer because of that. When I pushed the chicken with my thumb and decided it was done I took the pieces out. I took one out about 30 seconds before the other. They rested 5 minutes.

This time it's either perfect or slightly underdone. There is a pinkish area in the center of the thickest part of the piece I ate. It's not raw, and I know cooked chicken can still be slightly pinkish, but I think this is a tad underdone. On the other hand the breast overall is freakin' fabulous, but my paranoia has me eating around the pink spot and leaving it to reheat and finish cooking later.

Next time I'll look for a little more color on each side, but not much.

Just before writing this I reread my first chicken broiling post, and I had forgotten about the oil altogether. Eh, it's pretty juicy as-is. I don't know if the oil is really needed.

Another thing I noticed both times is that the chicken really puffs up when it's broiled. It didn't do that in the pan, and that would've been bad, anyway, as the pan really needs to make contact with the chicken to properly cook it. Not so in the broiler, so that chicken really stands up, looks good and gets well cooked.