Earlier this week I was hungry but lazy and digging through the fridge and pantry to see if I could make something meaty as I'd been eating cereal, toast and other dry home starches and was craving meat.

I had a package of tortillas that's been in there a while, but it was never opened and showed no signs of spoilage. I also had a teaspoon or so of my last batch of taco seasoning, some canned chicken breast, salsa and cheese. I figured that some chicken burritos would be quick and decent.

I opened the 12.5 oz of canned chicken breast and put it in a small saute pan with the broth from the can, added the seasoning and started boiling to reduce it to almost no liquid. I grated the cheese and heated a tortilla. I sprinkled cheese on the tortilla as soon as I flipped it so it melted while the tortilla was warming. I put on some of the chicken and rolled it up. I just dipped it into salsa while eating it.

Quite decent for canned chicken. After I used up that meat mixture I broiled chicken breast and sliced the chilled leftover second breast half and made some chicken burritos without taco seasoning per se, but some garlic powder, chili powder and water sprinkled on them and microwaved to reheat; more like fajitas I guess.

The next day I had a pound of ground beef intending to make it into meatloaf, but I made burrito meat out of it instead. I used the taco seasoning recipe I tried earlier, leaving out the salt and pepper and going a little lighter on the paprika. I salted, peppered and browned the beef in a saute pan and then drained the fat. I used one tablespoon of seasoning for the pound of beef and poured in roughly 2/3 cup water, brought to a boil and reduced to a simmer until almost all the liquid was gone, stirring occasionally to distribute the seasoning and not keep the same bits of beef at the bottom of the pan.

1 tablespoon of the seasoning was not quite enough, but I liked it more this time. Probably 1½ tablespoons of this seasoning would be right for a pound of beef. 3 tablespoons was too much last time.