Fresh baked loaf of breadA local grocery store had a fabulous deal on chicken breasts and ground beef today. I have several pounds of each.

I butterflied horribly tonight. One side was much thicker than the other, and the thin side was split in two pieces. I stupidly tried to re-butterfly the thick part for a tri-fold chicken breast half, but aborted the idea mid-cut. I tried even higher heat and started okay, but my pans retain heat too long, and after turning the chicken the pan was smoking enough that I pulled the pan off the burner and had a lid ready. I had turned the heat down, but my pans have those multi-layer bottoms and apparently retain heat very very well for a while. The final result was the thin part was overdone, and the thick part didn't cook all the way through. I got great golden color and flavor, though. The overdone part was good, and the thickest part will reheat well.
I got some "No Yolk" egg noodles from the store, too. My brother-in-law has used these several times recently, and I liked them. But I didn't make or use a sauce, I just used salt, pepper and butter. When I ate the noodles I kept smelling egg, and it was distracting. I didn't finish them; I guess I'll use them when I have a sauce.
The last several loaves of bread machine bread have been from the same recipe and same measurements, but I swear the last three loaves are just better and better. Tonight's just finished cooking, and it's beautiful. I can't think of anything I did differently. Hmm, the weather has been cooler, and perhaps the inside temp and humidity is different. I wonder if that makes a difference? Wouldn't think so.