I've been in some sort of minor funk the past week and a half...nothing major, just gripey and not wanting to cook in particular. Even though my kitchen has been relatively clean and ready for it.

I've been wanting to make cookies for a week or so, but late one night last weekend I found I had no chocolate chips or good eggs. Later I picked up eggs, chocolate chips, cocoa and cinnamon (good to have around). I went looking at recipes again and realized I had no brown sugar. Jen later told me I could have used all white sugar. Oh well.

Tonight I got the whim again and made a batch of PB cookies from Jen's Facebook posting, except I used a cup of chocolate chips instead of a cup of nuts. The first batch cooked I made way too big and didn't cook properly even after 13-14 minutes. The second batch is cooling and looking better. The third batch is baking, and this time I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup to portion them and filled them roughly 3/4 full, give or take for leftovers sticking to the cup. At least I know I haven't grossly over-proportioned them this time.

I also made up some burrito meat earlier today. First time in my new cookware. I used to try to get everything I could see brown but recently figured I've probably been overcooking it that way. I browned a fair bit of it for flavor and figured it would cook the rest of the way while I was simmering in the water and seasoning. Everything cooked fine and tastes good. The meat was darker, too, which I find interesting. I recall when Sean made his burrito meat it was darker than what I usually make. I'm not entirely sure what's different, but this is the first time I made burrito meat in my new stainless cookware, and my old cookware was nonstick. I didn't particularly notice the browning being darker, but perhaps it was and that's why it's dark.

I've been really lazy. I even let my strawberries go moldy before I made any smoothies. :(. Oh well, at least I have burrito meat for the next couple of days, so I'll be eating out less.

Hmm, the second batch also didn't cook fully. I wonder if my oven temp is too low. I have an oven thermometer around here somewhere, so I'll find out shortly. But the second batch was eyeballed, so maybe they were too big, too.

Third batch is also underdone. After taking the cookies out I set my oven to 375, waited until the light went off then peeked at my oven thermometer inside...it said 325. Wow, that's a big difference, and at the top of the heating cycle 50 degrees too low. I set the oven to 400 and put the last batch in.

Heh, at 8 minutes the 4th and final batch is over-brown, and my oven thermometer now reeds 400 just like I have it set. I suppose I didn't leave it enough time to adjust when I first put it in.