I finally got around to making soup, if you don't count my two tries at chili as soup. I stopped at Half Price Books and bought the Better Homes and Garden cookbook, a pink 2007 edition in plastic wrap. I had the ingredients on hand for cream of potato soup, so I made it per the directions, although I used Basil for the herb and 2% milk because they were what I had.

It turned out quite well and was pretty easy. I served it (to myself) with grated cheddar on top.

I recently found myself turning around in a parking lot to a restaurant supply company, so I stopped, went in and bought some items including knives. The new Forschner Victorinox stamped 8" chef's knife made quick work of the onion and potatoes. I was concerned that it would not be hefty enough, but it was certainly sharp enough and easier to manage than my 10" forged Sabattier chef's knife. I also grabbed a 5" chef's knife and 2 cheap paring knives of the same brand.

If I keep making soup and start making bread again, I can see this being some quick, easy, good, cheap cooking and eating.