Sauteed a chicken breast, seared each side then tried to finish by poaching. The thicker part wasn't done all the way through, but the breast was big enough I cut it in two and ate the thinner part with leftover rice. Pretty good. I put the other half in a baggie with some pan sauce and put it in the fridge. I guess I'll repoach it to finish cooking it.

Realizing I pounced on cooking and wanted to do everything at once. I'm coming off the initial overenthusiasm and realize I need to mostly focus on getting one or two dishes at a time right and add them to my repertoire. The rice pilaf is good; I'm sure I can improve but I can do it well enough to make it at will and have a meal and some leftovers for later meals. Beans and soups will be good to learn soon, but first I need to get better at cooking my meats. As much as I want to start pasts I think I should probably just toy with it on weekends rather than try to learn is as I don't seem myself whipping up fresh pastas multiple times a week to feed myself. Rice, soups, beans and meats I'll either make a few times a week or have enough to use the leftovers.