I was going to make some burrito meat, but after emptying, loading and starting the dishwasher, quartering, wrapping and freezing the 2 lb blocks of Monterry Jack and Cheddar, handwashing a couple of pans and checking on things for work I am nearly out of time. No leftovers handy, and I really don't have time to fix anything fresh. I guess it's fast food today on the way to work.

I did make a smoothie, though. I thawed the strawberries after my last smoothie because the whole frozen strawberries were too much for my blender, and I decided that fruit and frozen blueberries might be enough to keep me from using ice. So a few strawberries from the fridge, some frozen blueberries, a dollop of plain yogurt and orange juice to nearly cover it all. It turned out pretty well, but I wanted it sweeter so I put honey in. This is a pretty good smoothie.