I handled three breasts last night, so tonight I did the last one since I didn't want it feeling left out.

Well, that and it's raw and I think the cooked chicken breasts (halves) preserve longer than the raw ones.

So this time I used less oil. I put the chicken in too early I think because there wasn't much sizzling at first. But it picked up and I turned it sooner this time I think than last night. This is a medium thick piece. I moved it over to low heat and it stayed there longer than I expected before it was done. I used different burners, so maybe that's it or maybe I just didn't have them set the same.

Anyway, I take back what I said about yesterday's small piece. It wasn't juicy...it was moist. Tonight's was juicy! Yay!

I examined it closely again while eating. The pink tinge really bothers me and I keep squeezing the meat to make sure the juice is clear...it is. Then I noticed one side had a thin layer of the white I used to think was fully done. Well, that's clearly overdone as that side was notably tougher and not good, but it was just a millimeter or so that was like that. The rest was pinkish with lots of clear juice.

Can too low heat cause one side to be overdone that way? Maybe because it has to sit on the heat longer to cook the rest of the chicken? Or maybe I just needed to turn the chicken another time or two.

I also tried glazing to make a sauce. I might've used wine, but I haven't tried my wines in a year and am not sure if they're still good and didn't feel like trying them right then. So I put some grape juice in the pan and reduced it a while. I felt pretty silly, but when I poured it into a ramican it smelled pretty good and of chicken more than grape which surprised me a bit. The chicken was good both with and without the sauce.