On a whim I tried to make Hollandaise sauce tonight. Nobody will be surprised that I wound up with a lot of melted butter with tiny egg solids in it.

I thought the egg & lemon juice would thicken up on their own before I started adding butter, but they didn't and then I added butter too fast I think. I also don't really have a thin metal mixing bowl to heat the emulsion in...I tried a sauce pan...mine are fairly thin as sauce pans go, but they probably aren't going to work well.

I doubt I'll succeed on the next try, but I might figure it out halfway-decent the time after that.

The poached egg turned out perfect, though. That kind of surprised me as I was paying attention to the not-Hollandaise not little attention to the egg poaching process.

Speaking of poached eggs, can someone tell me what the advantage this saran wrap poaching method has over boiling them in the shell? I just floated my egg out of a coffee cup into the water, took it off the burner, covered and let sit for 6 minutes.