So for my first smoothie I eyeballed (probably badly) 1/3 yogurt (plain and fat-free because that's all Costco had in plain), 1/3 fruit (strawberries and blueberries that I got fresh yesterday, washed, de-stemmed and froze overnight) and 1/3 orange juice (Simply Orange brand) into a blender and blended well. I think it would have been faster if I had diced the strawberries, but I wonder if that would tend to dry them out or otherwise be detrimental to them.

It's not as sweet as the typical retail smoothie, of course, but I kept telling myself I really don't need to add sugar to this, do I? I think next time I'll measure so I have a baseline to compare, and when I get good at it then I can eyeball. I'm wondering if a little salt would help...probably. Next time I think I want less yogurt and have some honey or sugar on standby if the new ratio doesn't sweeten up a bit.

I think outside of the odd lemon or lime this is the first time I've bought myself fruit for home. I thought about getting the frozen whole or sliced strawberries (without syrup), but they still have the stems and leaves on?! (Or so the picture on the opaque bag indicates.) What's up with that? I'm guessing de-stemming a fresh strawberry is a lot easier than de-stemming a frozen one, so I went with fresh and then froze them myself.