First, more rice: I checked Consumer Reports for food processor reviews and ran out and bought a Kitchenaid 7-cup processor. I had planned to chop the veggies up then realized I could shred them instead. Zip-zop, see that? My carrots and celery are ripped to shreds! In seconds. Coolnees. Well, after washing them, peeling the carrots and otherwise trimming them. I decided to use the half of a small onion in one piece with bay leaves pinned to it by cloves. I got the rice very slightly brown this time and used the chicken base. The base was easier to use than I thought; upon further review there was a chart on there telling how much base to mix with, say, 2 cups of water. After dumping the water/base/broth, veggies and thyme in I brought to a boil and tasted the broth. It was salty enough but needed more pepper, so I added white pepper, turned the heat low and covered the pot for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile I decided I would saute one side of a chicken breast, turn it just long enough to sear the flip side then remove it temporarily, deglaze the pan and finish the breast by poaching it in the pan sauce. That was the plan. So I washed and dried the breast, pounded it flatter than last time--although it was flatter to begin with--salted and peppered one side and put it in a preheated & oiled pan on medium heat. Medium is apparently too low to start with as it did not brown much. I wanted it more brown, but it looked like it really needed turning, so I turned it to sear the flip side, then removed it to a small plate and deglazed the pan with white wine. (I thought all my wine was opened and long gone bad, but I found two unopened bottles of white. Yay.) I added dried onion (used up the first fresh onion and didn't feel like starting another tonight), a bay leaf and thyme and reduced. When I was ready to put the chicken breast back in I poked it first to estimate how done it was. Well heck if it didn't feel done do me. I wasn't sure, so I cut into it and sure enough it was done. Actually it was slightly overdone on the first side but much better tasting than Friday's attempt.

So I intended to punt and just poach a breast tonight but wound up sauteing it to completion (and a little beyond).

The rice may have been a little too moist, but just slightly. Otherwise terribly yummy, and shredding the veggies is the way to go for me. They color the rice but disappear in texture. The chicken still needs work but was fairly decent along with the sauce.