I picked this recipe to make my own taco seasoning for my burrito meat. I took a bit of a risk by using cayenne powder in place of chili powder...yeah, way too strong. Edible, though. I think I may have too much black pepper, too, but it's hard to tell with that much cayenne. I also put the whole mixture into a pound of browned ground beef; that may be too much, but again I can't tell yet as the cayenne overpowers everything.

I usually avoid seasoning the beef before browning when using the storebought seasoning packets because they're so high in sodium, but tonight I rather generously salted and peppered the beef before browning it. So if there's too much black pepper that may be part of the reason.

What gets me is that recipe looks more or less like a recipe for chili powder itself, but it has chili powder in it. If you have the other ingredients, why use chili powder?

Update 2010-01-29: The meat seemed hotter every time I used some, but I did eat it all. I have since been told that "chili powder" should just be powdered ancho chiles (or another chile). However I have seen recipes and store-packaged chili powder with additional ingredients not too dissimilar from taco seasoning.