As mentioned previously, I've been straining my tea through a paper towel to keep bits of leaves out of my pitcher. Today I was cutting a paper towel into fourths for this purpose when it occurred to me that I have newer strainers, so I compared the mesh. My newer strainers have a much finer mesh, so I strained my freshly steeped tea through the finer-mesh strainer without a paper towel liner. My pitcher is clear, so I held the strained tea up to the light and saw only a few tiny specks which should be acceptable.

It could be my imagination, but this batch of iced tea seems to have a more robust flavor. I expect the paper towel might have absorbed some of the tea oils and affected the flavor. Anyway, I'll continue to use the fine mesh strainer from now on.
Now what am I going to do with this quartered paper towel?