Especially with bread making, I keep finding the need to convert measurements. I'll try to keep some common conversions for my own use here

453.6g 1 pound

680.4g 1.5 pounds my bread machine tin

907.2g 2 pounds 9x5" loaf pan

1kg 2.205 pounds


Volume and mass measurements are different, but a gram of water is defined as the mass of 1 ml of water, so I sometimes use weight to measure water or milk.

US metric water mass

1 ml 1g

teaspoon 4.929 ml 4.929g

tablespoon 14.79 ml 14.79g

¼ cup 59.25 ml 59.25g

½ cup 118.5 ml 118.5g

¾ cup 177.75 ml 177.75g

1 cup 237 ml 237g

1 pint 474 ml 474g

1 quart 948 ml 948g