I resisted making it last Saturday because I'd had it so much that week, and I resisted buying Eggs Benedict at the diners this week knowing it would pale in comparison to my own. But now it's been a week, and I'm at home, so I picked up eggs and a lemon on the way home from the airport, pulled the other fixin's out of the freezer and went for it tonight.

It's the best I've made so far, although there is room for improvement. I think I need to whip the egg yolks and water even more. And each time I try it gets easier. The first time I was so worried about overcooking and separation, but those don't seem to be problems.

I thought I had way overcooked the poached eggs because I messed up the timer and was trying to get the frozen Canadian bacon and English muffins ready while poaching the eggs and mixing butter into the sauce, but only one was slightly overdone, and that was mostly because I broke the yolk when dropping it in the water. The other was great.


I'm heating up my last homemade bread baguette and wondering if I want to make some more tonight and tomorrow...sort of, but I also sort of want to relax.