So I made rice pilaf yesterday, but I forgot to taste the broth for seasoning before I finished cooking the rice. When I was done I tasted it, and it was so bad I thought something had gone rotten/sour, but the veggies were quite fresh, and rice is rice, and I thoroughly smelled the chicken base before adding it, and it was fine. Jen called and invited me to dinner while I was cooking the rice, so I stuffed it into plastic tubs, very briefly cooled and then spaced them out in the fridge before rushing off to Jen's.

On the drive there I realized I didn't put enough chicken base in. I needed a teaspoon of base per cup of water per the instructions, but I had "2 cups" on the brain because I had two cups of rice. But there were 4 cups of water, so "oops". I didn't add any salt because the prepackaged bases are usually pretty salty, but then I also didn't taste.

I figured maybe some salt would recover the taste, so tonight I scooped some into a bowl, salted it and sprinkled some water then microwaved it. Wow! The "bad" taste is gone. It is still obviously lacking in taste due to the weak broth, but the salt made it quite edible where it really wasn't before.

Maybe later this week I'll try making some reduced or concentrated broth to sprinkle on it instead of water, and then I could use some pepper, too.

But it just surprised me how bad rice and shredded veggies tasted with not enough salt.