I'm eating a sandwich now from last night's loaf. I think my smell and taste were off last night, because the bread has more taste today. (I recall thinking the dough didn't smell as strongly when cooking which doesn't make sense, so I think my smell was off.)

Also, I think the bread wound up nearly perfect. After seeing the dough last night I got my expectations too high and imagined the loaf oven springing higher than it did. But it did spring some, and the crumb texture is beautiful and slice-able, and the crust is pretty thick and crunchy. Perhaps a bit too crunchy for sandwiches...nah, I love that crunch! But if I want to try a softer crust I might bake at a lower temperature or omit the steam sources.

The bottom didn't brown as much as the sides. The way I have the racks now, the water pan is very close to the baking stone and directly under where I baked the loaf. I bet the water is keeping the stone cooler than usual, so next time I'll get a rectangular pan for the water and place it at one side of the oven so the stone is directly exposed to the bottom heat element.