I went for a while without doing so much as boiling water to brew tea, but I had a failure and couple of successes recently.

I made chicken schnitzel again, but I didn't pound it as thin this time, so part of it was still undercooked. I put the undercooked part and the spare breast in the freezer, but haven't attempted to reheat them yet. I don't want soft breading, so if I try I'll probably re-fry it, but I don't know if I should just toss it in from the freezer or thaw it first.
I then tried sautéing again, this time letting the oil get so hot it started to smoke. I got some better browning, flipped the chicken and then turned the heat down after getting the browning started. Pretty good. Then I made a pan sauce with real diced onion, bottled chicken stock, red vinegar, thyme and finished with butter. It tasted a bit too sweet or salty—I forget now—so I added some white vinegar. I served the chicken and sauce over ramen noodles (slightly salted, peppered and buttered). That was surprisingly good.
Tonight I made some ramen for a snack and decided to try and flavor it up a little more. I boiled it for a couple of minutes intending to rinse it, add fresh water and the flavor packet and reduce (to wash away any of the remaining flash fry oil), but then I recalled my failed cheese sauce experiment of a couple of blogs ago. Here I had some noodles, presumably with some starch in the water that might emulsify cheese. So I shredded some sharp cheddar, stirred it in, and it blended perfectly! Well, first I added the chicken flavor packet to the water, reduced it a bit then added the cheese. I added some butter after taking it off the heat. It turned out surprisingly good for ramen, although it was a bit intense with the salt of the whole packet and the cheese, and the fat of the cheese and butter.
Hmm, I vaguely remember trying to add peanut butter to ramen once, and it was fairly disastrous. But I'm guessing it might emulsify and make a well-textured sauce if I used it in place of the cheese. (Well, no chicken packet in that case!) I'll have to look up peanut sauce recipes again and try it.