I made burrito meat again today. Not much news there, but I thought I'd babble about tortillas.

I've seen people heat packaged tortillas before and read a couple of times that I should do it, but I never really bothered. If the filling was all cold I would wrap it up and zap it all in the microwave. If the filling was hot sometimes I would microwave the tortilla briefly to soften it up for wrapping. They never came out particularly well, but I just thought that was because they were packaged.

A week or so ago I figured I'd try heating them up over a burner for the heck of it. At first I tried on a bare electric burner...bad idea. It immediately scorched a spiral pattern onto the tortilla. Heh. So next try I heated up my large nonstick saute pan and heated one in that, first sprinkling the pan side with water. OMFG what a difference! I'm sold. For reheating I heated up the refrigerated filling in a bowl and warmed up the tortillas in the pan. Yum!

Tonight I made fresh meat and unintentionally left the tortilla on the first side longer than usual. When I flipped it it had quite a few brown spots. I was inspired to throw the shredded cheese on the tortilla while it was still in the pan, softening the cheese while finishing the flip side. As a result I "over" did the flipside, too. The tortilla was flaky and slightly brittle, but still capable of wrapping into a burrito. With the flakiness it was almost like a cracker wrapped around the filling. Different, but quite yummy.

Tonight's filling tastes good, but I don't think I cooked enough fat out in the browning process. The meat isn't underdone as it finishes cooking while the seasoning and water reduce, but there is too much grease leaking out.