Whipped honey butterI was never a big toast fan when using store-bought loaves, but somehow my homemade bread makes really yummy toast.

I store my butter in the freezer because I don't use it fast enough to keep it from going a bit rancid. But even the refrigerated stick butter is hard to spread over my latest batch of light, fluffy homemade toast.
Then I recalled an idea I had seen before and had been meaning to try: whipped butter. A quick internet review suggests whipped butter can be mixed with water, milk or oil along with whipping to soften it. I decided to use the last 3 tbsp of frozen salted butter (I meant to buy unsalted, but the labeling is so inconsistent these days) to try making whipped honey butter.
I put the butter in a microwave-safe mixing bowl and poured some honey over it. I zapped it for a bit, then tried to mix it with a hand mix. I zapped it some more and then mixed it more with a whip, but I wound up with liquid. I mixed it well and put it in the refrigerator until it started to set, then I took it back out and hand whipped it for quite a while until it turned whiter and stiffened slightly.
I immediately made toast and spread some of the whipped honey butter. Wonderful!
I put the remainder in the refrigerator. After it cooled I made some more toast. The butter is harder than I thought, but it's easy to shave butter off with a knife, and that melts quickly on the toast. Still, I think I would rather serve the honey butter at room temp.
Next time I whip butter I'll add oil and see if I can make it more spreadable out of the refrigerator.
I was later informed that whipped butter really needs to be done by machine to get the most air in it, and after that I would add the honey, spices or what-not. That makes sense, so I'll do it that way next time.